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The web portal Revistas culturales 2.0 is a virtual research environment for all those who are interested in historic hispanophone magazines. While nowadays the interactivity of the Web 2.0 is mostly used to publish contemporary online-magazines, we use this technology to research historic cultural magazines of the modernism and avant-garde periods. Traditional methods of research usually entail discussing one or two titles through intensive close reading; within this project, we try to enrich classical hermeneutical analysis by allowing readers to compare many hispanophone magazines at once in an online environment. On the one hand, Revistas culturales 2.0 gives an insight into projects digitizing hispanophone magazines, on the other hand we want to show how this material can be analyzed with new tools and methods provided by the Digital Humanities.

Revistas culturales 2.0 allows you to annotate our collection of digitized magazines, which are provided by our co-operation partner Ibero-Amerikanisches Institut - Preußischer Kulturbesitz, Berlin.

Convocatoria Estudios Revisteriles en Red

Los grupos de trabajo de Colombia: tradiciones de la palabra (Universidad de Antioquia) y Revistas Culturales 2.0 (Universidad de Tübingen), en el marco del proyecto conjunto “Digitalización y análisis de transferencias culturales en las revistas literarias colombianas (1982-1950)”, invitan a las y los estudiosos de las revistas literarias y culturales a participar en el coloquio 

Dataset: foreign authors in Nosotros between 1908 and 1919

We are publishing a dataset which records works in translation or original, or reviews of foreign authors published in the Argentinean magazine Nosotros (Buenos Aires, 1907-1943) in the period 1908-1919.
The dataset includes relevant descriptors of the articles and a link to the starting page of the article on the 'Reivstas Culturales' portal.

Call for Papers: Revista de Humanidades Digitales 2020

La Revista de Humanidades Digitales abre su Call for Papers para su número 5 que se publicará a finales de 2020.Las fechas de recepción de trabajos son del 25 de noviembre de 2019 al 1 de junio de 2020.

Más info:

Call for Abstracts: XV Recovering the US Hispanic Literary Heritage Conference

Histories and Cultures of Latinas: Suffrage, Activism and Women’s Rights

February 20-22, 2020
University of Houston
Houston, Texas

The XV Recovery conference will convene in Houston from February 20 to 22, 2020 to continue the legacy of scholars meeting to discuss and present their research. The conference theme invites scholars—including archivists, librarians, linguists, historians, critics, theorists and community members–to share examples of the cultural legacy they are recovering, preserving and making available about the culture of the Hispanic world whose peoples resided here, immigrated to or were exiled in the United States over the past centuries. This conference foregrounds the work of Latinas that focuses on women’s rights, suffrage and education as we usher in a new phase of feminist critical genealogies. The convenors seek papers, panels and posters in either English or Spanish that highlight these many contributions, but also offer critical ways to rethink issues of agency, gender, sexualities, race/ethnicity, class and power. Of particular interest are presentations about digital humanities scholarship, methods and practices on these themes. 

Revistas Culturales 2.0 auf der DHd2019

  • Posted on: 26 March 2019
  • By: nanette

Im Rahmen der neuen AG "Zeitungen & Zeitschriften" des dhd-Verbands werden die Plattform Revistas Culturales 2.0 sowie das DFG-Projekt "Literarische Modernisierungsprozesse und transnationale Netzwerkbildung im Medium der Kulturzeitschrift: vom "Modernismo" zur Avantgarde" im Panel "Zeitungen und Zeitschriften als multimodale, digitale Forschungsobjekte" der DHd2019 (am Mittwoch, 27.03.2019) zum Thema gemacht.